Washington DC

Next Destination? DC for Cherry Blossoms! Β *Perfect Weekend hot spot for April!!!

Last spring I went to DC to visit one of my girlfriends, and since it was my first time to DC, I was dying to see the beautiful Cherry Blossoms πŸ™‚ So every year they set a date for all of the activity to take place on- but this does not necessarily mean that this is when the Cherry Blossoms will be in full bloom. I studied the Cherry Blossoms past history on the National Park Services Website and looked at the comparison of when the trees typically bloomed depending on the past winters weather. I managed to pick the exact weekend they were in full bloom- and it was Gorgeous! I will always have such high standards of DC now πŸ™‚ Β  Since it was my first time to visit DC, I wanted to see as much I could β€” to name a few, All of the memorials, the White House, the museums (Specifically the Smithsonian, but we went to about 3), the Capitol Β and exploring Georgetown. I flew in late on a Friday night and left late on Sunday nightβ€” we covered a LOT of ground and it’s totally doable! Just map out everywhere you want to see and strategize.

The cupcakes and granola at Baked and Wired were amazing (yes, this was our breakfast), and I loved our brunch at Founding Farmers. Definitely would recommend both places!! We also went out at night to a bar/club, which I suggest just to see how DC’s β€œgoing out” atmosphere differs from wherever you are from.

*Bring Comfortable shoes!! I wore converse, and life was great for my feet.

We also took the underground train everywhere and it was so helpful to escape traffic! Β HAVE FUN (& Thanks Rose for a Great weekend) Β ! πŸ™‚


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