the breathtaking island of maui 

Aloha! Hawaii is home to wonderful people and an absolutely breathtaking island. I spent a week here with my mom when I was 14.

We stayed at the Westin on Kaanapali Beach- The resort is filled with multiple pools- including water slides, jacuzzis inside man-built caves & a section primarily for adults. The beach front is breathtaking – beautiful sandy beaches, warm, blue water- I could have stayed in the ocean all day! The resort also provided various activities- my mom and I took a lei making class, I attended a few teen nights (which were really fun), and they had many other free structured activities. There are plenty of restaurants and shopping right outside the hotel (literally a 3 minute walk– and many of the restaurants have sand floors since they are located on the beach).

What to do while there?

There is SO much to do in Maui- my biggest advice is to think about what interests you most ahead of time so you do not fall into one of the “travel agent spiels” where they have you meet at a hotel and lure you in with free breakfast and special deals- yku end up spending half your morning inside some hotel banquet room and miss out on a lot of sunshine. It’s so easy to book with companies that have great reviews on tripadvisor and not have to do any plannig while there.

– Make sure you allow AT LEAST 1 full day just to soak up the beach and pool.

– take surf lessons (it’s about a 10 minute drive south towards Lahina and there are plenty of companies offering lessons. They basically all take you out in the same spot)

– Take a boat trip out to Molokini, the crescent shaped sunken volcano. The boat takes you to snorkel inside the crescent, and then to another spot to snorkel with giant sea turtles happily swimminf out in the ocean.

– take a day trip to Hana. You will have to wake up extremely early to make the sunset, but it is SO worth it! We went with a tour company that drove us to Hana, took us to visit the black sand beaches and then we flew part of the way back in a helicopter- flying along the coast and swooping down near the waterfalls. The views were incredible.

– take a day trip to Oahu to visit Pearl Harbor, the UsS arizona and Waikiki beach.

– have dinner at a luau one evening…enjoy traditional food like poi and watch the entertaining hula dancers. Be prepared, they bring a lot of kids and pretty ladies on stage!

**This trip is great for all ages!!

– Next time? I’m heading back to Kauai and taking the helicopter tour among the Napali Coast

Mahalo for reading (Thanks!)


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