Dublin on a Layover | In a Day


Dublin Layovers are probably in my list of Top 10 Best Layovers, next to London & Dubai. Who doesn’t love a walkable city they can explore, with quick transportation to and from the airport? My layover in Dublin was on a weekday from 7:30 AM- 3:45 PM- giving me about 6 hours in the city. The itinerary is based on the order of when sites open and/or start filling up – and if fast paced is not your thing, I highly suggest not trying to cram all of this into one day!

IMG_9005 IMG_8965

  • Arrive at the Dublin Airport, go through Security/Customs (Which took me less than 5 minutes- no exaggeration).
  • Take out Euros at the ATM machine (Even if primarily using a credit card, you will need Euros for the bus ticket)
  • Purchase a roundtrip ticket (10 Euros) outside the airport  for the Airlink Express Dublin Bus (it’s turquoise) (It is a relatively small airport, and very easy to find. Staff are very friendly and will provide you with a map when getting on the bus)
  • Enjoy the view into the city- You’re in Ireland! woo hoo! Hop off at the stop on Dame Street, right by Grafton Street/Trinity College.
  • Walk down Grafton Street (Did someone say Brown Thomas?!), popping in a store or two, heading towards St. Stephen’s Green. Enjoy a stroll around St. Stephen’s Green- enjoying the beauty of the park!

IMG_9036 IMG_9037

  • Head over to the Book of Kells at Trinity College.


  • Enjoy an Irish Breakfast at Temple Bar …and maybe an Irish beer or whiskey?


  • Head over to the Dublin Castle (I chose not to go inside and just walked around the exterior on my own)
  • Doing well on time? Time for the Guinness Factory (Pre-purchase your ticket if possible to skip the long lines). If time is running low, but you are adamant on making it to the top, move quickly through the self-guided tour and grab your free (included with admission) beer at the top while you check out the (almost) 360 views of Dublin. *Discounts are given on the website  Guinness Storehouse Info


  • If you still have time, head just a bit further west to visit the Kilmainham Goal.
  • When it’s time to head back to the airport, the bus picks up at Heuston Station (the intersection is near Heuston, Saint John’s Road West, and Steeven’s lane). Busses arrive every 15-20 minutes when running, but I do recommend allowing a full hour to get back to the airport. AirLink Bus Info 

Top things to keep in mind:

  • The Book of Kells & the Guinness Factory are the two places that will fill up/have long lines. If doing both, hit the Book of Kells first because it opens earlier; if only doing the Guinness Factory, head there at the opening hour (and buy tickets in advance).

Now, go get lucky in Ireland!! 



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