Uninvited Insects

Those uninvited 8-legged friends…

We have a lot of them on our balcony in the spring/fall. I spray my bottle of H20/Vinegar/Lavender essential oil/few drops of Dr. Bronners Castille Soap along our door frames and it seems to help keep them out of that vicinity. I also will spray our porch furniture and it will keep them off for about 2 days, but then I have to re-spray. I also find this spray helps with ants inside the house. Although it seems like a hassle to have to spray every few days, dumping cups of vinegar along your door frame to keep spiders, ants, bugs out of your house is SO much safer than spraying chemicals that your dog or baby may end up ingesting.

Another option is to light Citronella Incense on your porch, and this should help drive the little critters away. If you have any other natural suggestions, please share!!

An Effective Ear Wig Trap

These little guys are not friendly looking. I try not to judge by their appearance, but I don’t know anyone who wants that little critter in their house.

The trap that actually works: Take a bunch of small bowls (think the smaller size snap ware/pyrex food container) and fill them with vegetable oil (or whatever cheap oil you do not mind wasting) and BEER. This is the only time I would ever purchase Bud or Coors – Ear Wig’s are not picky. Set the bowls all over – behind doors, by door openings, by closets, inside closets, under desks, etc. I set up about 10 in the basement, and caught well over 50+ ear wigs. Change the cup whenever it is filled/every couple of days (or if there are no ear wigs in the cups, add more beer and try changing the cup locations). Bugs be gone!


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