4 Legged Friends


DIY Dog Toys

So you graduate college and spent the last 4 years buying every sorority and school t-shirt presented to you….Sound Familiar? I hate seeing things go to waste, so I started making puppy toys with the old t-shirts that we would never wear / I did not think were in great enough condition to donate.

  • Cut vertical strands about 1.25 inches apart (does not need to be perfect) across the entire shirt (Cut from the bottom up or vice versa).
  • Once the t-shirt is in shambles, take three pieces of the rope and tie a knot at the end. Braid the knot, tie the knot at the other end and you have a puppy toy

Some dogs will literally eat these/chew them apart in seconds, but our family’s golden retriever and 3, now four Yellow and black labs LOVE them. Emma (now one, has had her rope for 8 months and it’s still in great condition- and is used daily!)


Soak this rope in a large batch of Chamomile tea OR just water (or the snow if you live in Chicago J)and put it in the freezer. Once frozen, let your pup chew on the frozen rope and num their gums.

Puppy Teething Tricks 

Pup won’t stop chewing you your hand (and every other body part and clothing, furniture, etc) with those razor sharp teeth? I get it- it hurts; but just like babies, they are in pain. Their gums are inflamed, and they hurt. Rather than smacking their face and yelling at them (which seems to be the common solution based on observation), give those poor pups relief.

Put your pups chew toy (check out the DIY Dog Ropes) in a batch of chamomile tea, and then stick it in the freezer. Sticking the toy in water & then freezing it will also provide relief, but the chamomile is suppose to soothe the gums. You can also make these with aloe vera juice- NOT the green gel you rub on your sunburn.

Take that same batch of chamomile tea that you are now not going to drink because a dog toy was just submerged in it, and pour it into ice cube trays. Once frozen, pop out an ice cub for your pup when she’s biting into you with her sharp razor teeth. Please do supervise your pooch with ice cubes! And put down a beach towel if you have  nice floors…..


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