Furry Friends

I LOVE animals. I am extremely passionate about almost all animals- I do not like snakes (AT ALL), however I really adjusted to tolerating spiders and bugs after my trip to the Amazon. I actually try to plan my vacations around animals. We went to Costa Rica to play with Monkeys and Sloths, Florida to Swim with Manatees, The Chicago Shedd Aquarium to interact with Beluga whales and Thailand and Laos this summer to spend time with Elephants. If the trip is not planned around animals, I try to sneak them in the itinerary…..Grand Cayman to swim with Sting Rays and dolphins, Cage Diving in South Africa, penguins at Boulder Beach, a Safari with all the main African game, etc.

I have always grown up with dogs- My parents currently have 2 english labs, and I grew up with a hot dog πŸ™‚ My boyfriend and I will be looking to get a puppy in the fall and I’m already name planning. And at some point in my life, I will be ordering a pet pig from England and naming her Penelope.

So, here are lots of amazing creatures that I have met along the way (All of the photos are my own).



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