Quinoa Fritters


These tasty fritters are a perfect side dish with a boost of protein! Make the fritters larger, and you have a shockingly close tasting substitute to Latkes/potato pancakes! Did Chanukah just get healthier?

** All Organic ingredients πŸ™‚ **

2/3 c cooked quinoa

1/4 c flour (I use whole wheat)

1/2 c mozerella (shredded)

S & P to taste

4 scallions

2 eggs

Oil for frying, I used Grapeseed

1- cook the quinoa

2- mix all other ingredients together while quinoa is cooking

3- add cooked quinoa into mixed ingredients

4- refrigerate ~1 hour or until cold

5- heat oil in a pan, roll the mixture into pancakes or small fritters and cook in the oil on each side.

6- Serve with apple sauce & enjoy!!

* In the Photo above, I Served the quinoa fritters with Asparagus and Chive Rissoto cakes ( Rissoto cakes topped with a sunny side up egg)


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