French Spinach Salad

my favorite french salad. No, my favorite salad from around the world. 

A good family friend from France stayed with Michael and I about a  summer ago while visiting the US and made this salad for dinner one night. It was amazing. Michael and I could not stop eating it, and then made it every single night for the next week. I have brought this salad to many parties, and am not allowed to leave the party until the recipe is shared.

The real beauty about the salad?

The recipe has a Base, which I will provide below, but different items can be tossed in and/or subtracted each time — keeping you on your toes so you never get tired of it! 🙂 

The Salad: Spinach (Chop up the spinach into very fine pieces. I had never seen spinach chopped this way before, but it’s a must!) & chunks of raw fennel (chop this up into small pieces as well, and feel free to toss in some of the “hairy” greens) ; Sunflower Seeds (She roasted hers in teriyaki sauce, salt & sugar, I personally just throw them in raw) ; Nuts (Broken Cashews Or Slithered almonds) & tiny chunks of orange (I do not always add this, but it is tasty!)

Optional Add ins: You can add in whatever your taste buds desire, but here are a few items I frequently toss in just for ideas: small chunks of apple, small chunks of avacado, cut up cooked or marinated beets

The Dressing : Olive oil, Red Wine Vinegar, Dijon Mustard, 1/2 a lemon (the juice), a tiny sprinkle or turmeric; and optional tiny tiny bits of orange.

Thank You Alexie, for bringing this wonderful bowl of greens into my life!


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