The Beginning of Many Adventures

Photo taken on Machu Picchu; Wayna Picchu & the citadel in the background

Current Whereabouts: Back in the states — Chicago! 

Upcoming Travels:  Seoul, South Korea! 

Hello! I’m Allie Carlson and am from the wonderful city of Chicago. Although I have very little experience with leisure writing, I started this blog to give back and share my travels after utilizing so many peoples’ blogs to plan my own trip around Southeast Asia. Finding out the little details that you will not find on Tripadvisor is incredibly helpful and can give you a much more authentic experience. Hopefully I can help others find the good in every country and plan their own adventures.

I  LOVE to travel- I crave it. I enjoy seeing new places, but more so, I love immersing myself in new cultures and learning about other ways of life. I believe travel provides us with wisdom that can only be obtained through the experience itself, and it reminds us to appreciate. While sitting on a beach is very relaxing and needed at points, my typical travel style involves experiences and adventure. I am extremely passionate about all animals, and I’m slightly obsessed with elephants 🙂

A little more about Me…

I studied at the University of Illinois, and majored in Human Development & Family Studies, with a concentration in Child & Adolescent Development. I started practicing yoga a few years ago, and love the mind-body balance, along with the challenge it provides. Cooking and traveling are my two favorite hobbies – and they are so intertwined. The two have taught me how important the role of food is when immersing yourself in any given culture.  I am a strong believer in eating Organic and as local as possible. I do a lot of research on the “unknown” ingredients in our food and products, and believe in living a natural life. I am also always looking for new projects to up-cycle / DIY 🙂

Please contact me ( if I can ever provide help with planning trip itineraries, restaurants/ things to do in Chicago or other places I’ve traveled, etc.!  Posts and pictures on past trips, favorite recipes, etc. will be coming shortly! All photos on the blog and my Instagram account are my own.

Thanks for checking out the site, I hope I have inspired you to Wanderlust!!

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